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July Favorites

~July Favorites~

I’m stealing this idea from my sister’s blog: www.einthepink.com

I am gigantically preggy, due in just 8 days (but praying little man decides to emancipate himself from his snug watery quarters NOW).  I’m hot.  I’m crampy.  I’m uncomfortable.  And definitely ready to have this baby.

Anyhoose – here is my quicky for this week:

On this lovely summer day, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my July Favorites to end the week!
My all-time favorites are stargazer lilies.  A) their scent is just divine – sweet and feminine.  LOVE IT!  B) hello – they’re PINK!
Most of my musical selections in he car now involve kid’s channels for my almost 2-year old, but when I get a few minutes to myself I’ve been blasting Edwin McCain’s greatest hits & Cowboy Mouth.  I’ve also been cranking up the volume for Hey, Soul Sister – my current happy song, California Gurls (don’t know why I like that one), and Your Love is My Drug.  The last 2 may not be awesomely deep songs, but they make me happy, so who cares?
I have not seen a lot of movies this summer – hell, I haven’t seen a lot of movies since my son was born!  But the hubby and I went to see Toy Story 3 on our adult weekend away in June and I loved it!  I love the first two as well, but this one was cute and fun, and it gave me the satisfying ending I needed.
Since I can’t drink right now, I don’t have any froufy drinks to name, but sweet tea is a year-round southern staple.  It tastes even better when it’s a jillion degrees outside!  And Chic-Fil-A lemonade – one word: YUM.
I have made time for some pleasure reading lately, and I’ve gone through a few good ones.  Rebel Debutante by Anna Fields, Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger, I See You Everywhere by Julia Glass and My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares.

I have not been wearing or smelling perfumes lately, a lot of scents I just can’t handle right now.  But I love the smell of my son’s Johnson & Johnson lavender bubble bath that we use religiously.  I love the way he smells after a bath just before bedtime.

hmm…..summer indulgences have changed drastically since having children, but I still make time for a monthly pedicure.  It’s been a treat to myself every month for the past 8 years.  I gotta say it’s a definite fave – especially right now.  Having your feet and legs rubbed and feeling the cool tingle of the peppermint lotion before a perfect application of bright polish is so lovely!

Nail Polish Color:
It’s a retired OPI color, but I tracked down a few bottles online after our nail salon ran out – “Strawberry Fields”.  It’s bright, hot pink with some shimmer.  I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement shade, and I think Orly’s “Oh Cabana Boy” is as close as I can get!

May be cliche, but being 9 months pregnant in the middle of July, ice cream is an obsession.  Frozen yogurt, milkshakes, ice cream – whatever.  Add some M&M’s to it and I’m deliriously happy.

Well…I guess see above.  Ice cream in combo with the heat is really a perfect fit!!
Have a lovely weekend, guys!  Hopefully the next post will be announcing the arrival of babykins!
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Closet Exhibition…ism

Closet Exhibition…..ism

So I’m backing up a few weeks ~ I’ve been in and out of town, trying to enjoy the last few weeks of freedom before I’m “grounded” due to the imminent arrival of baby #2.

I spent my little sister’s birthday weekend with her in Atlanta.  Just the two of us – the kind of trip that hasn’t happened in years due to school, family, kids.  The last trip we took alone was a Caribbean cruise in March of ‘08 – it was her senior year spring break and I was pregnant with my first son.   She is a whole decade younger than me, just turning 20!  But we’ve been inseparable since her birth.  Our relationship has been a variety of things…sister/sister, mother/daughter, babysitter/babysittee, therapist/client, fashion coordinator/client (the last two have gone both ways)…

So, needless to say, we were both quite excited about this rendez-vous!  Shopping, neat little restaurants, just planning our days as we went and not having to worry about the precious toddler I usually have with me when I’m visiting her in Hot-lanta.

Now another bit of background for you – and I’ll try to keep this short.  I’m an art major, and I did a few strange projects while in my major…some were more like social experiments and I altered my behavior to elicit certain reactions, some were more personally risque – using my entire body as a paint brush and wallowing on a 9′x13′ canvas, which I did do in the privacy of my own school studio, but then showed my technique by wrapping my naked painted self in bubble wrap for my walk from my studio (in a campus dorm) to the art building.  And not that this had to do with my classes, but senior year I enjoyed a near-weekly Friday night outing to see and participate in the Rocky Horror Picture Show at a local movie theater.  It was such an odd thrill to dress up in lingerie, gaudy (but impeccably applied) make-up and the tallest hooker shoes I could find that I was still able to walk in – and present myself to others like me who not only enjoyed the movie, but the act of preparing for it as well.  My mom asked my favorite professor at some point if he could “put me back in my box, just a little”.

Well, the last live Rocky Horror show I went to was the night before my college graduation in May of 2002.  I’ve thought fondly of those shows often, but not having a nearby local group that presents the live part made me figure it was pretty much a thing of my youth.  Until I realized where my sister & I would be – in ATLANTA – and that I would be toddler-less!  And as a bonus, it was not only her birthday weekend, but it would be her first live viewing!  And I’d heard great things about some of the Atlanta rocky troupes…so after a brief internet search, and a few phone calls just to confirm information, I decided that our Friday night activity would be Rocky Horror live!

I know, seems weird to do something like that with your little sister, but she seemed to like the idea very much, and we spent part of our shopping time looking for the perfect debut outfit for her.  She is taller than me by a few inches, extremely slender and fair, and with something like Rocky – the sluttier the better, but we were sure to pick “tasteful” whore clothing – she was fully covered, but looked HOT in her black corset, ruffle boy shorts & fishnets.  Her hot pink wig and matching boa, added to our amazing make-up work made it all just perfect.

Being humongously pregnant didn’t stop me from dressing up, it just stopped me from wearing lingerie as none of my former Rocky outfits fit right now.  We sliced up a black tank top of mine and found iron on rhinestone lettering to insinuate that I was carrying Frankenfurter’s baby, which in itself amused the crap out of me.  And after procuring an awesome lavender colored wig for myself, and a fabulous little top hat and purple boa to accompany it, we were set.  We began make-up application at 10 pm, and with our effortless & time-saving wigs (thank you Craig at Junkman’s Daughter!!) , we were out the door at 11:15 to make it to our movie date!

It was a full theater that evening, and my little “birthday virgin” looked smashing.  She and two other birthday viewers had the audience sing to them before the naughty pre-movie games and prizes.  We Time Warped with everyone in the aisles, shouted obscenities at the screen, while trying to take in the cast & crew’s fairly awesome props and costumes, and we thanked the cast as we left for such an elating, bizarre, fabulous experience!  for Elizabeth’s “first time” I wouldn’t have changed a thing!  We had a ball.  A weird ball, slutting it up together for a Rocky Whore-er evening.

Now I just sigh and count the years until I can do it again….

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I love my cell phone, BUT…

I Love my cell phone, but….

There is one thing that annoys the crap out of me that is a potential and unfortunate side effect of  the cellular world – Stupid people who don’t know when to put the darn things down!

I’m all for being connected, and up until last summer I hung on to my ancient cell phone, not wanting to be closer to the internet or texting services, or video/camera gadgets.  I just wanted a phone that made phone calls.  Period.  Well, those phones are going extinct (if they haven’t already kicked the bucket), and after playing with my sister-in-law’s iPhone and hearing the “this is neat and you’ll love it because” speeches from my husband and brother countless times, I broke down and joined the fad and am now in love with my iPhone.  I use the map features, I text a bit with a few people, keep my appointments and engagements on the calendar, and have some stupid games that have entertained me in waiting rooms.  But people – I know when to leave the thing in my purse!!!!!

According to me ~ When you should hang up for goodness sakes and call/text your friend, hubby or mom back later:

In a restaurant

In line at a retail venue

In a movie theater

While driving

Gabbing on the phone in a restaurant:

Annoying in general, but it especially amazes me when the person with the phone glued to the side of their head is dining with someone else ~ this is even more amazing when both/all parties are on the phone simultaneously.  I mean, why even be dining together?  If you’re going to sit and talk to someone other than the person in your presence for twenty minutes or longer A) just don’t bother dining out, B) at least take it outside so you don’t subject other diners to half of a conversation that is probably being spoken louder than necessary *And why the other person at your table puts up with it or you, I’ll never know!*

Fix a sandwich and stay at home to make your oh-so-important phone calls, or grab some fast food at the drive-through and then go home to make said calls.  Don’t yack away during your entire meal out somewhere.  No one else wants to hear it.

In line at a retail store:

Having worked retail for a number of years before I had kids, this is something I grew to abhor, and I myself try to be courteous and polite as a customer now, too.  Do not bring your basket full of items to me at the counter while on the phone, give me the “just a minute look” when I try to ask you if you need anything gift wrapped or how you would like to pay…Excuse me???  You are in my store, in line, there are people behind you I could be helping while you wrap up your conversation.  Don’t make me whisper to you in the breaks when your mouth briefly stops flapping and don’t cut me off when you have to inject a comment to your girlfriend and ask me to repeat myself because you weren’t listening the first time I asked you something.  There is such a thing as manners, and apparently you have none.  Finish talking while you finish browsing, THEN ask me to help you.  Not hard.

Next, In a movie theater:

Do not be a moron and text or jabber while in a movie theater.  Once you are done with the concessions line and in your seat – put it up!  The glow emitted from your little device while you text throughout the entire film is horribly obnoxious to those around you, and if you have to for whatever reason take a call, GO OUTSIDE – do not try to “whisper” your conversation as you’ll likelybe trying to whisper loud enough to be heard over the movie dialogue or soundtrack, which makes what you are doing NOT whispering.  I paid $8 or more to hear and see a movie, not to hear your one-sided conversation over the movie.  I don’t care how bad the movie may be, don’t annoy me or waste my time & money.  And if you’re gonna be on the phone the whole time anyway – WHY WASTE YOURS?!?!  Leave the movie and go SEE the friend you find it necessary to text incessantly or meet your friends for coffee and enjoy an actual face-to-face conversation without slumping down in your movie seat trying to hide your phone glow and non-whisper.

And lastly, While driving:

I am the first to admit I have committed this sin (which in some states is now a LAW).  But I am also going to tell you honestly that since the recent rise of the cell phone, and the endless assortment of wireless headsets and Bluetooth technology integrated into cell phones and newer cars, I do my darndest to make use of the hands free systems available.  It allows me to keep both hands on the wheel, be able to keep my head mobile to turn and look over my shoulders when changing lanes, and use turn signals and wipers and all that other stuff properly.  I try my best to not make or answer a call unless I have to, and sometimes you’ll find me parked in a parking lot somewhere with a movie on in back for the wee one, so I can talk in peace for a minute without trying to multitask like that.

There are a number of different ways I see people holding their cell phones to their heads, none of which make it possible to fully look behind you or in your blind spots (I also cannot stand people who drive with their damn dogs IN their laps, unable to drive properly because of the furry blob parked oh so conveniently in between their arms and steering wheel.  Put the pet in the seat next to you or in the back.  Don’t be an ass and HOLD it while driving.  If you can’t let go of your pet for the duration of a car ride – damn, man – get some therapy – but that is an entirely different subject).  Also, having one hand at your ear doesn’t make for very efficient turn signal usage, now does it?  To keep it simple and short – y’all, it isn’t just STUPID, it’s not SAFE.  We’ve all been cut off by an idiot who doesn’t look before pulling out or changing lanes because * let’s say it together ~ they’re on the phone!!  We have all been behind someone around town who fluctuates between 10 and 40 miles per hour because *they’re on the phone!!  We’ve had to hit our brakes because the car in front of us brakes suddenly and makes the WIDEST turn you’ve ever seen, wheeling the car around with one hand because why?? * They are on the phone!!  We get stuck behind someone in the fast lane on the highway going 10 under that doesn’t realize they have a line of 27 cars trying to get around them because *they are on the phone.

Having my little one, soon to be plural little oneS in my backseat has made me more conscientious and more aware of not only my driving, but the way people around me are driving.  I will not have you cause an avoidable accident because you are talking, holding your phone, driving and not paying full attention to what you SHOULD be doing as the operator of your automobile.  The headsets/ear pieces/wireless technology available is so easy to procure and use.  Invest in something you like to try and help make driving a little bit safer with phone usage.

So.  That’s idiotic cell phone use according to me, and what you can do to avoid being one of the idiots.

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