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Monthly Archive for February, 2011

Foam Bath People

Daddy, Mama, Evan & baby brother

Foam Bath People

They live at our house, but only momentarily, only in the bathtub and their sole purpose is a few moments of entertainment before sacrificing their foamy lives to clean my son’s elbow, knee or tummy.

Bath time is most often held in my bathroom because I can sit on the edge of the large tub with my legs in the water while my 2-year old son plays in the “little pool”.  It’s just easier and more comfortable than jamming myself on the floor in between the toilet and tub, killing my knees and back while he splashes and gets clean.  Parents – you know how it is, and boy, this is a MARVELOUS alternative!

Foam people came about one evening when I decided the water felt too tempting on just my legs and I jumped in the tub with Evan.  We drew with bath crayons, scrubbed up and then played with the sieves and containers we have stockpiled.  He likes his little boat (a $2 Target find almost a year ago!) and I thought it needed a little something.  I added a foam “Captain”, which tickled Evan and he asked for another one…so we quickly had a boat of foam people who were all dubbed one of the family – mama gets to be the pink foam and Evan is blue and usually gets a basket ball added (a small-ish blob of pink foam)!  And one by one Evan scoops them out to rub their foaminess on whatever body part I name.

What also fascinates me and makes me proud, is that though they look nothing like actual people in the sense that he’s familiar with, he gets it – he knows what they’re supposed to be and which person in his life they represent.  Kids are amazing.  So, I look forward to bath time with him and seeing where he’ll ask me to put a foam Evan, and seeing if he’s in the mood to add a “ball” of some sort.

Here are our foam people on the edge of the tub for the lineup, in their $2 speedboat and in their wannabee life raft (chinese takeout container).  Meet the Foam Family!

Daddy, Mama, Evan (with “basketball”) and baby brother.

Going for a boat ride on Lake ScrubbaDubbaToeCheese

Wouldn’t you know, their three hour tour went bad and they’re a’driftin’

Ahhh….the random things we do and take delight in for our kids!!!

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“Thirst Quencher”

“Thirst Quencher”

The scene ~ Whole Foods, late Sunday morning.

My husband, my kids and I made a quick trip to pick up a bag of veggie puffs or something for our two-year old (he had some at a birthday party yesterday, and for being a non-veggie eater, I figured we’d go get some to have at home).  We don’t really shop there, we’re good with the regular stuff at Lowe’s Foods or Harris Teeter, and the one in our town has the crappiest parking lot EVER.  Poor layout and way to small for the shopping center it is in.  I’ve only been there twice, maybe three times before today.  Once was an initial exploratory trip, and maybe twice to pick up lunch for my former employer and myself…for those wondering, don’t worry – it was a happy separation, I left work to start a family!  Anyway -

We are puttering through the store, eyeballing all the healthy, organic, sugar-free granola and tree bark flavored items (I’m partially kidding).  The baby is asleep and Matt is rolling him in the stroller while Evan sits in the cart I am pushing.  Matt and I separate for a moment and I go around the front of an isle where a uniquely dressed woman behind a display table asks me if I would like to give my son a sample of juice…here is how it played out:

Sample Lady: Would he like to try a sample of “Just Kids Thirst Quencher”?

Me: No thank you, we don’t give him juice yet.

Sample Lady: It’s not juice, it’s thirst quencher. (She cocks her head and includes a full on “well, aren’t you an idiot” look).

Me: Ohhhhh-kayyyyyyy. (In my head I am saying – ok, Dot…back away slowly…..no sudden movements….she might scare easy….)


Did she seriously correct me and give me a “look”?  Excuse me?  The liquid you’re pushing at me looks like diluted tea – it’s not water, it’s not milk – in my mind it’s juice, right?  Apparently not, it’s THIRST QUENCHER.  Geeeez.  So we finally find that they are out of the veggie puff things and I quickly wheel Evan to the register to purchase the hot tea bags I found (in a flavor not available at my grocery store)…and we head out as fast as possible.  Oy.  Whole Foods may be the big thing, but just not for us.  I’ll just get Evan some animal crackers and be done with it!

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I got “ma’am-ed” y’all!

I got “ma’am-ed” y’all…

Not that it’s unusual.  Growing up in the south I was raised using “yes ma’am”, “no ma’am”, “yes sir” and “no sir”.  I still do it with my elders, with my peers, with my own children (I dream of bringing up polite, southern gentlemen).  But it really hit me upside the head the other day – if you know what I mean.

Let me paint a quick picture for you.  I had just picked up my toddler from preschool and was running through the Chic-Fil-A drive through as I hadn’t taken time to eat while big boy was at lunch bunch.  Side note: the spicy chicken sandwich minus pickles is my new favorite from there!  Deeee-lish! I have the new mom short hair ‘do, I was wearing my jumbo sunglasses to cover the circles under my eyes, I was in the quintessential (and stereotypical) mom mobile – the minivan, and I had two tots in car seats in the backseat with the sounds of the Toy Story movie filling the car.

The young lady at the window was just adorable.  15 or 16 years old, long wavy hair pulled into a ponytail, braces on newly straightened teeth, and a glorious handful of freckles.  She carefully passed me my sandwich and lemonade, gave me my card and receipt and happily ended our transaction with “Have a good day, ma’am!”  WhooooooooooooooSH! Right there.  I saw it all clearly as the giant wave of “ohmygod I’m old” just knocked me over…All this happened inside my head of course, and in a matter of just a few brief seconds.  But man.  It was SO REAL right then.  Almost made me miss a heartbeat, but I checked the boys in my rearview and all I could do was smile.  I love my boys.  I love my haircut.  I will admit that I love my minivan.  And my eye bags are badges of honor.  I am doing something very hard and very worthwhile – someone has to raise two precious redheads!

So, to everyone out there with little ones who counts a good night of sleep as at least 4 straight hours, who sometimes may not know left from right, who may occasionally give their toddler waffles for dinner because it’s one of three things he’s guaranteed to eat and you’re just too darn tired to argue with him…Have a good day ma’am or sir!

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