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Monthly Archive for January, 2013

Holy crotch sweat, Batman!

Holy crotch sweat, Batman!

I spent a good hour at the gym this afternoon being particularly aggressive on the elliptical as A) I have some kick ass new Skechers that make my feet obscenely happy and 2) I have a few new happy songs in my iPod rotation that make me realllly dance-y on this machine.  It is possible to kinda dance on the elliptical.  It’s hard, but it can be done.

These are my new kicks ~ pretty darn sweet, right?  Who wants to choose between green, orange, blue, pink or yellow when you can have ALL OF THE ABOVE on one shoe?!  Anyway – this is not a shoe post, this is a embarrassing sweat post.

After my sweat session I sanitize my handlebars and stretch out before heading to the locker room.  As I approach the sink in the bathroom I glance in the mirror to assess my matted hair and before I can even get to the hair I see “it”.  The ultimate sweat stain.  I don’t generally worry about my under boob sweat.  Don’t care about the back sweat that soaks through my tank tops.  Heck, if I’m in a shirt shirt I will even proudly flaunt my armpit sweat.  But this was none of those areas.  No no.  This was a giant, obvious sweaty crotch outline.  I usually wear my black yoga pants to the gym, but today I grabbed my grey ones as all the others are in the laundry.  I will now assume, that though my sweat levels are roughly the same for this activity, the black fabric hides most of the moisture.  Not so with the grey.

I gape for a second and think a few things in rapid succession:

Well, at least I was in the front row of ellipticals and treadmills so no one behind me could see this….until I stretched.

Oh crap – I was in the front row so everyone else in the entire gym could see this.

I guess I confirmed to everyone that I am indeed a girl.

Will my tank top pull low enough to cover this so I can grab the kids and get home?

I was the v-shape you might imagine, but with the addition of a vertical line in the center.  TMI, I know, but good grief!

It was like this, but worse…..

This is truly the way I felt about it.

So – what do I take away from this little um….incidence?  Lesson is: the grey yoga pants are for yoga ONLY.  Black for everything else.

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Feeling like a worn out broken record…

Feeling like a worn out broken record…

Parenting is a challenge.  Whether you have one, two or ten I know there are days when you feel like you are just saying the same things over and over.  Disciplining repeatedly for the same actions.  To an extent I try to always remember that our two boys are just little boys, one is four and one is two.  They are little and simply don’t get sometimes that the result of their repeated actions can hurt one of them or someone else.  To another extent I want to pluck my eyelashes out in frustration because it is the same thing every. single. freaking. day.  They know our house rules, they “forget” them every day (multiple times a day), and are disciplined for these actions.  I am sooooo tired of it.  How many times should mommy have to say any of the following:

We don’t run in the kitchen.

We don’t run in the living room.

We don’t run in the playroom.

We don’t throw things.  Unless we are playing ball outside, we DO NOT throw things.

Don’t headbutt your brother.

Don’t tackle/wrestle/pin your brother.

Don’t sit on his head.

Get your feet away from his face.

We do not hit anyone.  It is not nice and it does not feel good.

We do not stand on the furniture.

We do not jump on the furniture.

We do not stand on the kitchen table.

You do not always get to be first.

Do not shove past your brother.

Why are we screaming in the house?

Everything in the playroom gets shared.

And so on and so on.  It’s not as noticeable to me when it’s warm out and we can spend our afternoons outside at a playground or park or the pool or in the backyard…but it has been cold and rainy for the better part of forever now and I am going nuts!

My little one was, up until his second birthday, a mellow and chill guy who just went with the flow for every occasion on any given day.  He is now a menopausal drama mama and just seems to act out to get any kind of attention he can.  He antagonizes his big brother at every opportunity and instigates most of their little show downs.  It is seriously annoying.  I don’t feel like my oldest was nearly this challenging, but that is understandable as at two and a half years old  his little brother was just 6 months old.  My big boy was a sweet and loving little man.  He was very patient with mommy while baby nursed, very good with transitions into booster seats at the kitchen table and a big boy bed in his room.  He still had a lot of individual attention from mama and daddy because baby bro was not mobile,verbal or truly demanding in any way (dream child!).  The behavior changes in both of them with this new-found sibling dynamic has me thanking my gynecologist for the Mirena he inserted just over two years ago!

I will face each new day with a clear mind, putting the previous days’ challenges behind us all.  That’s the only sane way.  A blank slate and fresh start for all of us.  And I will whine and commiserate with my girlfriends when I need to.  And I will occasionally say yes to a glass of wine in the evening.  And I will feel no guilt about hiring a sitter once in a while simply to pawn off dinner and bedtime on someone else!  And I will blog about certain things to amuse and entertain others.

Hoping everyone’s winter is going smoothly.  Let’s look forward to the sunshine together!

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First 2013 Jenny Craig Update

Jenny Craig Update!

January 15, 2013

WOWZA!  New Year, new me for sure!  I am maintaining within three pounds of my goal weight of 150.  With the exception of the first week of November when my husband was in the hospital having & recovering from open heart surgery…I had an affair with some Snickers bars…kind of every night…But I corrected that as soon as we were home and got back on track.  (Emotional eater right here!)  I am still careful with my food choices while out and the preparations at home, I still splurge on my favorite barbeque joint for lunch once a week and I am still hitting the gym as often as I can.  Even on days when I really really rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllly DO NOT want to.  Like today. But my sis-in-law/bestie made me go.  We had a gym date and I got my sweat on.  It was horrible, but we did it!

I am ridiculously excited and immersed in helping my sister plan and carry out the details for her wedding (which is just under four months away!).  The boys are back in their preschool/gymnastics/play date routine and we are marching towards spring (please please show up, spring!  Mama needs time outside with the tots!)  Our 2013 travel itinerary is filling up quickly and lots of exciting things are happening.

Here are a few quick recap pictures I did with a nifty little (FREE) phone app:

(1)  August 2009 &   (2) December 2012

(1)  Honeymoon picture from October 2004, (2)  May 2011,  (3)  December 2012

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