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Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Evan’s First “Safety Blanket”

Evan’s First “Safety Blanket”

It all began last Sunday, when my 18-month old, Evan, found a tote bag in our closet filled with excess Christmas gifts that some very generous, yet overzealous relatives had given him. All still new, unopened, forgotten by the wee one moments after their paper came off nearly 4 months ago. We, of course, opened and assembled and gave him a bunch of the gifts at Christmas, but I stashed this large tote full to supplement through the rest of this year. You know – to reward extra good behavior, to have something new and different to take on a long car trip, etc.

Anyway, he found this tote and right on top was one of the Thomas the Train characters – the red one, whatever its’ name is. He’s never watched Thomas, we don’t have any of the DVD’s, though his favorite toys and books are about trucks and large mobile objects that make noise. He looooves his little chunky Tonka trucks, and the boats he sinks in the bathtub, he adores firetrucks (and any rescue type vehicle) and we try to point them out to him whenever possible while out on the town. I suppose trains are the obvious choice next on the list. So, my husband gives me the “can we let him have this one thing?” look and I nod and smile. The red train is opened, battery installed, and handed over to its’ new engineer, Evan. He pushes it around the floor, runs it across his chest, happily experimenting with the new “chooo chooo!” sound effect in his growing vocabulary. This train lights up and makes whistling sounds when activated, capturing and holding the munchkins attention for an amazing 2 hours straight – all the way through a trip to Pottery Barn and all the way through a sit down lunch. We are amazed and somewhat appreciative for this new toy’s cool factor.

It continues through the week in this way. Red train goes in the car with us. Red train must be at hand during meals whether clutched in a tiny fist or sitting on the table where he can gaze upon Evan as he eats. Red train cannot go in the shower or tub with us, which has caused some distressed tears that end as soon as Evan is out of the bath, swathed in a towel and can resume control of his little rolling friend. Red train is even in hand at bedtime, and only comes loose when little man is fast asleep, gently removed and sat upon the dresser until morning comes and Evan remembers that he had him when he fell asleep.

This, in a way, is a big deal for us as a family because Evan has never in his short life been this attached to anything. He has never had to carry around a favorite blanky, he has never been glued at the hip to a stuffed animal of any kind…hell, the kid never even wanted a pacifier (which is fine with me considering the age of a few kids I know that still use them). It’s new for us, bizarre, but not in a bad way, and oh so fascinating. I even went by TJ Maxx while my short handsome man was in preschool the other day and attained 2 additional characters for his little collection – the green one and the purple one (again – sorry, I don’t know their names!)

We’ll see how this goes over the next few weeks. He doesn’t seem to have a preference for which color he has, but he has had one with him every waking moment over the last 7 days. Verrry interesting!

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O.P.I. Axxium Gel Polish – tried it, love it, gotta do it again!

O.P.I. Axxium Gel Polish

O.P.I. Axxium Gel Nail Polish – Tried it, Loved it, gotta do it again!!!

Alright ladies -

I had my nails done a few days before Easter with this new OPI Axxium gel stuff my mom and sister found, and I LOVE IT! It is awesome to have this long-lasting option for vacations and special events. Me + regular manicures usually don’t go together…it lasts all of 2 days before chipping and looking crappy.

Late last week (2 weeks to date from the first gel polish application) I went to Bliss & Co. Salon in High Point, about 20 minutes from home to get a re-do ~

Thing 1)
I loooooved the nail tech, Ashley, super easy to talk to and let me play with different scrubs and polishes and yummy smelly things.

Thing 2)
I soaked the gels polish off from two weeks before in a glass bowl of acetone – NO DAMAGE to my nails whatsoever! Once the polish was off, she applied my new color choice and dried each hand between coats in the uber OPI light box thing.

Thing 4)
They look amazing, she did a really superb job with the application – cost is $40 for a soak and new “set”, but for first time clients they have a half price special (I don’t know if it’s a temporary deal or just how they do it always).

Thing 5)
The salon itself is gorgeous, and though in High Point, is quite easy to get to! It made me want to walk around and look at everything, and book lots of fancy appointments for hair, body and skin.

Thing 6)
I would definitely go back again for the “fun” nails as a special treat or pre-vacation or special event (especially since you could soak them off at home in 15 minutes or so when their wear is up).

It was truly a pampering experience in a lovely place. Complimentary water, soda, tea and wine is offered, and the ambiance as well as the staff made the drive from Winston well worth it.

Bliss & Co. Salon has my approval & gets an A+/gold star all around!

Can’t wait to plan another girly excursion! And I would definitely vote for the OPI Axxium gels nail polish. Besides the new growth of my fingernails (which is probably in hyperdrive right now anyway due to pregnancy hormones) my polish still looks fresh and immaculate! AMAZING and without the damaging effects of acrylics. LOOOVE this new stuff!

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In the beginning…

journal pageHmm…so this is my first official bloggity. I have kept diaries/journals for years…since 1992 to be precise. And I have enjoyed occasionally detailing random adventures or strange thoughts or fabulous shoes/jewelry/make-up I come across on Facebook. But now here I am. Hello World!

This one will be quick as my 18-month old son is about to fall asleep in his high chair, which means it’s mommy’s naptime, too *Whooooo!!* I’m 22 weeks pregnant with another precious boy and these mid-day naps keep me going till bedtime.

So, my goal with this is to document the life and “goings on” of a happy, whimsical, artsy person. To share stories, speculations, musings, travel, artwork (if I ever have time to paint again!) Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!

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