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Monthly Archive for December, 2010

The Great Christmas Cleanup of 2010

The Great Christmas Cleanup of 2010

Good morning all!  It is gray, which would normally make me feel kind of blah and lethargic, but since it’s not raining (and the snow has melted enough for me to get the minivan out & about) I believe I will tackle a few errands today with the little men…then begin the cleanup ~insert ominous music here~

I LOVE decorating, and truthfully I don’t mind putting everything away again, but with two little ones everything takes me seven times longer than normal so I have chosen today to begin the hunt.  Looking for all the neat, sweet little Christmas doodads and thingamajiggies that I tucked in all nooks & crannies of almost every room in the house.  It is inevitable that a few will be discovered sometime mid-January or later, but I do need to start gathering the bulk of the items in one spot to make for easy repacking.  Since out tree is so large (over 16′ this year) I undecorate only what I can reach and wait for the hubby to be home to help with the 10′ ladder and retrieval of the highest ornaments.  I even bought new tissue paper this year for packing our tree pretties!  The stuff we had was completely a shambles!  Wrinkled, worn and hole-y, the tissue had had a good multi-year run, and it was time for a fresh supply.  I hope also, in my attempt at organizational paradise, to keep the tree ornaments separate from the other decor.  Somehow things always get mixed in together….stockings with ornaments, ornaments with stuffed snowmen and glitter trees, etc.

So, beginning at naptime, I will fix some hot chocolate and begin the room to room hide-n-seek with the Christmas and holiday decor.  Husband & I usually leave things out till the week after New Year’s Eve, but with my slowed-down process, I need to start now in order to get it together by then!  Secretly…I’m already thinking about the countdown to the 2011 Decoration Extravaganza when I can get it all out again!

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~ December Favorites ~

~ December Favorites ~

The abundance of GLITTER!!!  Lights, trees, twinkly stars, ribbons and bells.

Festive social events filling up our weekend calendars – 2 or more things every weekend so far and I’ve had to say no to a few things this year.  What a lucky girl I am.

Christmas music on the radio.  LOVE IT.  Gonna listen to it till New Year’s.  XM radio helps keep the songs & and the genres varied.

The Festival of Lights at Tanglewood.  We took Evan for the first time, not knowing if he’d care or enjoy it and he had a ball!  He sat in the front with daddy and hung out the window saying things like “wow”, “big tree, daddy”, “look at that!”  We roasted marshmallows, picked out a special snowman ornament in the barn gift shop, and had a lovely evening.

The tree smell in the house from the GIANT tree in our living room.

Watching all the kiddos go nuts over the toys AND the tissue paper/boxes

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Christmas Shenanigans…

Christmas Shenanigans and New Year projects…

Wowza!  2010 Christmas Shenanigans are well underway…heck, nearly over ~  it went so fast I feel like we hit a time warp!  I did feel more stressed this year than usual, we did host more parties than usual, I have another kiddo to look after…and that didn’t help with the speed with which the holidays slipped past me!

For the first time in 70-something years we had a white Christmas in Winston.  As in, it actually started snowing right before noon on Christmas day and it snowed throughout the rest of the day and into the night, giving us quite an impressive pile up of glistening puffy snow.  Family members were careful going home, little ones pressed their noses to the windows at various points in the day to ooh and ahh…it was lovely!

Matt cooked another beautiful turkey & we had a few sides, my brother made his famous carrot cake and icing (both from scratch!!) and we had a take-it-easy kind of day.  No formal table settings, no scheduled timing for anything…the little ones ate, napped, and played and we enjoyed the company of those we love.  A favorite of all three toddlers was a giant Thomas train that wheels all over the place or follows a special red flashlight thing as you aim it on the floor.  Evan & Zeb’s playroom is twice as full today as it was just Friday, and Evan has gone a bit bonkers with all the new additions!

Sadly, the Christmas cleanup is an inevitable downer after the holidays and looms in my future…undoing the GIANT tree, organizing my ornament & decor boxes this year, and packing away the wreaths.  Boo.  At least I can drink hot chocolate while doing it!  And Evan loves helping take things to the trash can, so he can be my little helper.

There are a few projects I’ll soon be tackling now that the holidays are winding down and they are – in no particular order:

1) Starting potty training with Evan

2) Transitioning Evan’s crib to toddler bed

3) Plugging in the wii again and using my new dance games

4) getting organized for our upcoming trip to Europe

5) BASEMENT project needs to be wrapped up, inspected, and then cleaned/put away/tidied up

What are some of your projects coming up in the new year?

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So behind…

So behind…

It’s December, Christmas is on the way and I’m in holiday high gear, but I’m already feeling behind ~ are you?

I am sure having an infant and a two year old has something to do with it!  But I have decided to try not to stress to much about it this year.  I can choose to be crazy, obsessed, frenzied and a total wreck.  OR I can choose to accept that everything is not as precise as my Virgo perfectionist would like…gifts may be in bags with tissue instead of boxes with the elaborate bows I so love making, all my home decor may not be out, the roof leaks may not be totally invisible from inside the house, and we are not ~ as of yet ~ equal to the Griswold Family when it comes to outdoor lighting.  But this is where I am letting go of the total control I sometimes crave and saying, “c’est la vie”.  I have other things, and more importantly other people, especially my two little boys who need and deserve my nurturing and attention.

We all just really want to be together with the people we love who love us back, right?  And that’s what I intend to do.  We’ll go to a few shindigs ~ I do love getting gussied up, host a few of our own (somehow we’re having three bashes here, not including Christmas day lunch!) and it will be wonderful and perfect and no one will care if I rearranged the china cabinet.

FYI ~ Our tree stands officially 16′ 2.5″ high without angel or tree topper!

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