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Monthly Archive for November, 2012

Moments in time…

Moments in time…

It’s been a busy fall for our little family.  It usually is.  And we are only getting started!  I wanted to gab about a few recent events and share a few pictures and tidbits with you, all five of my loyal readers *wink wink*  I will try to fill in the story lines a bit with each event as I can, but here are a smattering of pictures for you with a little description above just to tide you over!

Engagement Party, Fall Festival, Evan’s 4th Birthday, Picking Pumpkins, Fall Carnival, Christmas Tree Outing, Charleston, Halloween….


A major “happening” that has been on my agenda since May has been my little sister’s engagement and upcoming wedding!  The date is set for May of next year and plans are in full swing.  I am unofficially the wedding planner, but I’m really just trying to help my mom and sister with anything I can.  My sister is in school out of state and I am honored beyond mortal comprehension that she has entrusted so many of her special details to us.  I was astounded especially because she is so artsy and creative and from my experience, most girls have every detail of their wedding day planed out before they even meet their Prince Charming!  However, by releasing control I think she has released major sources of (what could potentially be) distraction and stress.  Both things come with planning weddings, and I cannot fathom doing so while in school and out of state!  I planned every aspect of mine, handled every detail and was super organized.  And now – I get to do it again!  Wheee!

Her and her fiance were honored at an Engagement Soiree the first weekend of October and I must say it was the most fun I have had at big ‘ol shindig of that caliber in a long time.  We had the pleasure of hosting a couple of her bridesmaids at our home as well.  One whom I have known since she and my sister were little girls and one whom I just met about three years ago, both whom I adore!  They were helpful with the little ones and

The menu was perfect, the ballroom decor and floral arrangements were unique and perfect, the band was amazing.  During one of my few moments alone with the bride-to-be, we were dancing together, palm to palm (we have a hand thing…it’s like we pass our secret sister juju back and forth).  And in that specific moment I saw her as a woman.  Not as a little girl or a teenager or a young lady.  A woman.  We have always played many roles in one another’s lives.  Everything from manicurists, stylists, confidants, road trip amigos, tweezing specialists, therapists and every odd occupation in between.  We have been those things for each other.  But with her pale moonbeam hair, intricately twisted and pinned up and shining in the lighting, and her perfectly applied bridal makeup and the fairy-tale ballerina-esque, pearl encrusted and tulle party frock she was wearing ~ she was not just my little sister, she was not just the girl I grew up with, she was a woman.  A bride.  And I am so so elated to be part of her life and her and Calen’s celebrations.

Below: me & my little sister

Below: My sister and her fiance, getting jiggy

Below: My handsome little guys on our annual pumpkin search

Below: My two boys (on the right) and my twin nephews on the evening of my big man’s 4th birthday

Below: My littlest little man and I at the fall festival

Below: Little man helping daddy carry the big pumpkin to the car

Below: Evan approaching the great USS Yorktown at Patriot’s Point in Charleston, SC

Below: On the USS Yorktown

Below: On the top deck of the USS Yorktown

Direct quote from Evan: “Mama, we need one of these at home”

Below: My two rugrats in the lemur exhibit at the Charleston aquarium

Below: Our collection of hoodlums pre-trick-or-treating on Halloween

It’s a Disney crew: Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, Jake, Woody & Buzz!

Below: My littlest little checking out a few jack-o-lanters

Below: They looooove riding the train at the mall.  It’s a special treat!

Below: Fall is so beautiful in our town

Below: On our way to the NC mountains to pre-select our Christmas tree

Below: Me on our tree expidition

Below: Daddy & big little man looking for a tree

Below: Mama and little little man taking in the scenery

Below: Another of my favorite streets in our town

Below: My big man & I amusing ourselves at the doctor’s office before his 4-year check up

Below: My handsome nephews, my boys and I on an outing to see the horses near their house

Below: For your amusement, this is be in the morning before I am fully caffeinated.

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Hey y’all, remember me??

Hey y’all, remember me??

I deserve to be flogged for staying away for so long!  I was keeping a running post about all of our September/October activities that I intended to post after all the Halloween shenanigans were wrapped up.  However, I was delayed from that task by a sudden and scary event and continue to be behind in most areas of my life at the moment.  My husband had emergency open heart surgery on November 3rd (he was transported from our local hospital to a specialist at a teaching hospital not too terribly far from home late night on November first).  He made it through and we were sent home last Wednesday.  He has several more weeks at home with mama Dot playing wife, mother and nurse for a bit.  We are finding a temporary new rhythm as a family and I have lots of help with the kids and the meals – all things I am enormously thankful for.

I will work on wrapping up my Fall Hijinks post and try to do a more detailed account of our (ok, my hubby’s) crazy surgery scare.

For now I say Happy November, friends!  I will be back on track as soon as I can, please forgive me!

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