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Whoa, Nelly! And a Foxy RED dress…

Whoa, Nelly!  And a Foxy RED dress…

Picture by my sister ~ EMG from July 4. 2012

Picture by my sister ~ EMG from July 4. 2012

Picture by my sister ~ EMG from July 4. 2012 (watching the fireworks)

Mid-July already???  Whooooosh.  That’s the sound I hear in my head as the summer whizzes past.  When preschool got out at the end of May I counted six weeks until summer camp started.  Yeah, that’s happening this week.  Oy!  SO MUCH has been happening in our little corner of the world, lots of which I could not blog about or discuss in any manner before now because it involved throwing a semi-massive surprise birthday party for my mom’s 60th Birthday.

Her birthday is today, but we picked Saturday, the 7th for our celebration.  I began by consulting with my siblings this past winter and we sent out save-the-dates in hopes of putting our plans in people’s heads knowing we were contending with a weekend around the July 4th holiday.  We made all the arrangements well in advance and added a few “fancy” touches to make the evening enjoyable for us as the hosts (and parents of all the grandkids) like hiring two amazing babysitters, borrowing a neighbor’s inflatable bouncy house and hiring a bartender to tend to our guests.  We pulled it off, and I could not be more thrilled!  Family & friends came in from out of state, friends from our favorite boutiques, mom’s lifelong circle whom we affectionately call “The Wild Bunch” – it was a fantastic turnout!  What a HOT, HOT sunshine-y day we had.  The kids were well cared for, the bartender was amazing and so personable, the food was delicious and it could not have gone better.  I have very few pictures (hopefully I’ll find some friends who’ll share theirs) but I am including a family shot I do have.

It was HOT – we were a bit shiny.  Ok, ok, I was a bit shiny.

Me, my mama & my sister ~ the “Lilly” ladies!

I’ve also started the hunt for a dress for my little sister’s engagement party.  I’ve been looking online a lot, and had a few I wanted to see in person.  Since the kids started preschool summer camp this week, I had a few precious hours to myself and this morning was all “business”.  I got so much done and had time left to hit the department stores.  Sadly, there is no Nordstrom near me (I think I would pack up and live in a Nordie’s if I could!!!) so I started with the Dillard’s & Belk.

Dillard’s didn’t have quite what I was looking for – or what I tried on that I had liked online was not good on me, so I ventured to the formal wear section of Belk.  Here, it is on the third floor, which I had not been on in years.  It was completely re-done and different than I remember so it took me a second to get my bearings, and I stalked through the racks with a purpose.  I found a flurry of frocks on permanent markdown  filling several racks of clearance merchandise.  Mostly leftover prom things, I think.  Many in “as is” condition, with missing jewels, small pulls in the fabric, busted zippers, etc.  But I filled my arm up with various colors and degrees of sequinification and ran off to the fitting room.  For the prices these were marked down to, they would definitely be worth some small fix-it type alterations.

One after the other I tried and liked them all…then I slipped into it.  The one.  The red one.  The red one that was a size 8 that I picked off the rack just in case there was a shot in heck it might fit.  It was a floor length, mermaid shape, one shoulder gown with cascading ruffles from the shoulder.  It zipped – success #1.  It looked damn good – success #2.  I really really reeeeeeeeaaaaaalllly liked it – success #3.  AND it was marked down to $60 something dollars – success #4.  For that price, that dress was definitely going home with me.  I looked it over carefully for any picks, tears, snags, etc and found it to be perfect.  Yup.  I’ll take it!  My glee escalates to euphoria when the dress rings up for $39.70 INCLUDING tax.  I think I actually said “no shit!” in the store (whoops).  Here are a few quick pictures of my faboo find!  I’ll add black heels, do the makeup look I’ve always admired but saved to go with the perfect outfit (winged black liner, thick lashes and red lips!!!) and some sparkly earbobs.  Voila!  Party ready!

And a few 4th of July special doughnut snack pictures to round it out!

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