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June Personal Challenge

My June Personal Challenge

I am quite the shopper.  Part of it I think is ingrained in female genetic codes, part of it I think is hereditary (haha).  But these last few months in particular I think I have gone a bit overboard a bit too regularly.  I will fully admit to building back up my wardrobe recently since not a stitch of clothing fit me anymore having gone from a size 20 to a 10 (and counting!) in the last 11 months.  Jeans, tops, sundresses, undies and bras – all new.  I have been an excellent bargain shopper, though.  I purchased underthings at the local Hanes Brands Outlet during their buy 1 get one 50% off (at their already awesome outlet prices).  Target, Old Navy & TJ Maxx have supplied many of my easy warm weather sundresses, tops and jeans most of which is under $30 a pop.  I have raided several consignment shops and found killer deals there on some really gorgeous stuff and even a few Lilly Pulitzer items in “new with tags” condition.  And my shopping trip to Atlanta with my sister this past January gave me a nice selection, too.  I shop for the boys on and off when I see things, though they really (REALLY) don’t NEED anything.  At all.  My little one in particular has access to ALL hand me downs from my three year old and my three nephews!

I am also a bit of a product whore, as a few of my posts may have revealed.  If I see a new product that I’ve read good reviews on, I’ll pick one up at the drugstore next time I’m in.  It isn’t unusual for me to have two or three shampoos in rotation at one time, and I’m a sucker for cosmetic products in general.  Seasonal trends, limited edition collections (by MAC usually), glosses, creams, mascaras……ooooh ~ I love me some mascara, primers, potions, concealers, powders, nail polishes…if it’s in the beauty aisles, there’s a good chance I’ll be interested.  And I can say, too, that I really (REALLY) don’t NEED anything.  At all.

As the boys and I go to the mall one afternoon every other week or so to do a lap, say hi to the indoor choo choo train and maybe get a cookie, something inevitably catches my eye and I steer the stroller into GAP or Banana Republic or whichever department store to see what cute things I can find on the sale racks that fit my new frame.  But my closet is seriously full and the only remnant of me as a Former Fat Girl is my favorite pair of Calvin Klein jeans.  I’m in trouble this coming fall & winter because I have no cold weather clothes ;) but for the coming southeastern humid heat wave that we call summer, I am set.

And I’ve thought about this a lot lately.  I have not been a good steward of our funds.  Yes, our pantry and fridge have all the necessities plus some, and yes the kids are clothed and happy with their toys and gadgets.  But we don’t NEED anything.  I am issuing myself the challenge of not buying anything extra/frivolous/unnecessary for the entire month of June.  No clothes for me or the kids.  No makeup.  No random household items or decor.  No impulse purchases.  I don’t mean not replenishing toothpaste or deodorant or things like that…the necessities.  Just using this as a time to use what I have.  To go shopping in my closet for outfits, to go shopping in my bathroom drawers and cabinets for toiletries.  I have my husband and my kids and they are what I truly NEED.  My boys are the delight of my heart.  School is out for the summer, the pool is open now (hooray!) and we have plenty of activities to keep us busy in and out of the house and this might be just what I NEED.  A type of cleansing.  A refreshing break from the consumer market maybe?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend thus far!  We have had an amazingly productive and active day outdoors.  After dropping off my car for a tire rotation and having a hearty breakfast at Duke’s, we slopped on our sunscreen (SPF 4,227) and set to work trimming trees and bushes all around the house, pulling more weeds *OY*, pine needling everything, playing in the sprinkler with the kids…and we ended the day with a Papa John’s picnic in the driveway before showers all around and a group story time tonight before bed.

Cheers to a long weekend and genuinely striving to appreciate all that you already have.  “Joy is not in things; it is in us.” ~ Richard Wagner

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